Fukushima Crisis Without End: Ever-Increasing Radioactive Water and Earth

As of 2018 more than 1 million tons of radioactively contaminated water are being stored and new storage tanks have to be built every four days.
Since at least 2014 vinyl bags containing surface soil weighing one ton each are stacked in massive rural region dumps. As of March 2019 it is reported that bags are now starting to break down due to the build-up of gas released by rotten soil. Plants and flowers have also started to grow inside the bags, in the process tearing them apart. With weather factors, residual radioactivity inside the bags will eventually be scattered back into the environment.
The woods surround Fukushima remained highly contaminated. When it rains or snows, or the wind blows the dust or pollen from the woods, that radiation migrates back to people’s supposedly clean and radiation-free homes. Peoples’ homes and communities that were claimed to be clean are indeed being recontaminated every day.