Intentional killing. Legal frameworks for State-sponsored biochemical warfare.

Presenter: Katherine Watt, American Catholic writer and paralegal
Reykjavik, Iceland – Oct. 4, 2023
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This is a hyperlink-referenced version of Katherine Watt’s presentation leveraging her slide set from the Let The Science Speak Conference, held in Reykjavik, Iceland on 4 October 2023.




Treaties: WHO International Health Reg (2005)

Core findings

  • Public health emergencies are pretexts for power consolidation and legalized mass murder using State-sponsored biochemical warfare and weapons camouflaged as ‘vaccines,’ ‘countermeasures.’


  • Observed, recorded global injuries and deaths of human beings are result of INTENTIONAL ACTS OF WAR camouflaged as public health programs and medical countermeasures: ‘vaccines’ and many others.
    Deepen the backlash against public health. A rebuttal/reworking of an editorial by Lawrence O. Gostin and Sarah Wetter, published March 30, 2023 by Science journal. Apr 2023
  • Supported by evidence from funeral directors, embalmers (O’Looney[ref][ref][ref]); clinical trials (Jackson[ref][ref][ref]); regulatory/FDA lot and batch toxicity (Yeadon[ref][ref][ref], Paardekooper[ref][ref][ref][ref][ref], Latypova[ref][ref][ref][ref], Schmeling[ref][ref][ref], McKernan[ref][ref][ref][ref]); financial (Austin Fitts[ref][ref][ref][ref], Titus[ref][ref][ref]); VAERS; many other evidence collections and analysts.

Man and Society

  • Relevance of Roman Catholic Church, pre-Vatican II.
  • Pope Pius XII, On the Moral Limits of Medical Research and Treatment (1952, post-Nuremberg):“[I]nsofar as the moral justification of the experiments rests on the mandate of the public authority, and therefore on the subordination of the individual to the community, of the individual’s welfare to the common welfare, it is based on an erroneous explanation of this principle. It must be noted that, in his personal being, man is not finally ordered to usefulness to society. On the contrary, the community exists for man.” 
  • Totalitarianism – Perversion of “common good.”
    † That’s the sort of distinction that we’re dealing with now. Because the totalitarians at the World Economic Forum and Bank for International Settlements[††][†††] pervert the concept of the common good to say that individuals are subordinate to the common good and that you can do anything you want to up to and including killing them if you can make a case — or if you can get enough people to believe — that that’s good for the planet or it’s good for the control of this coronavirus or whatever. Restoring the proper understanding of the purpose of society and how man fits with it is really important.”