Open Letter to Oliver Stone On the Wisdom of Pursuing Nuclear Power

In mid-May, I heard Oliver Stone interviewed by Lex Fridman focusing on Ukraine. Near the beginning, for 12+ minutes, Oliver Stone talks about nuclear power and a new documentary he is finishing up. As he puts it, “nuclear energy is going to end the dominance of oil … because it’s the only sane way for the world to proceed.”

I was intrigued and concerned about Stone’s reasoning for advocating nuclear power and decided to write an Open Letter to present a differing perspective on the risks and consequences of pursuing nuclear power as our species’ primary energy source. The Open Letter is here:

My hope is to provoke reconsideration about the unlimited energy so many of us are used to having at our fingertips and, as Richard Heinberg wrote in 2003, how “each [U.S.] American has the equivalent of over 150 “energy slaves” working for us 24 hours each day. In energy terms, each middle-class American is living a lifestyle so lavish as to make nearly any sultan or potentate in history swoon with envy.”

Grateful to be present at this unique rite-of-passage moment in our species’ creative evolutionary adaptation into our post-industrial-mind epoch.

For the children, all our other than human kin, and all that follow us here,
Dave Ratcliffe
Assistant Director
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