Exercising Our Intelligence to See Evolutionary Costs of Techno Logic

If we respect our Creator, then we should use our intelligence as intelligently as we can as often as we can. And that means with clarity and coherence. That means to activate and respect our intelligence and activate the thinking process so that it’s going the way we want it to be because that’s why it was given to us. Our intelligence – as the human being part of all of this reality that’s going on, we were given intelligence, this is what was there to help us through the evolutionary reality – to ride the balance, so to speak, of the evolution with our intelligence. It’s our medicine, it’s our protection, it’s our self-defense.

—John Trudell, 2001

Today’s December Solstice marks an extremely rare conjunction of this star system’s planetary giants. Last seen from Earth in the year 1226, Jupiter and Saturn appear to be less than 0.1 degrees apart. Planet, from the Greek planētēs, from (asteres) planētai “wandering (stars),” from planasthai “to wander”. Our species has wandered through untold millennia on Mother Earth to this moment in our unitary human family’s journey. 19 years ago, in a spoken word meditation on What It Means To Be A Human Being, John Trudell cited Life’s supreme gift of our ancestral and genetic memory and its attempted erasure by the system of techno-logic perceptional reality:

The being of spirit, the spirit of being is what is being mined through the logics and emotions of the human, in order to run this system, see. I mean this is the purpose of techno-logic civilization. They call it techno-logic for a very specific reason. This isn’t an accident, okay? You know, it truly isn’t. But the purpose of the civiliz[ation] – and so one of the civilizing processes is to erase memories. Alright?, to erase memories. Because we have ancestral memory. It’s encoded in the DNA – it’s a genetic memory.

You look at how techno-logic civilization – and everywhere that it goes, the longer it’s there, the more isolated the human beings – but they’re not called human beings, they’re workers and citizens, etc., alright? Alright? But the more isolated they feel, they no longer – you know, maybe they remember their grandparents or their great grandparents.

But see, you’ve got all that ancestral knowledge that’s encoded in the DNA, but it’s been cut off. So it can’t activate because if we’re not conscious that it’s there then we can’t – it just makes [things] difficult. See this is the memory that it’s very important for them to erase. Alright, and it’s about who we are – it’s memory of identity and self-reality.

Reflecting on the extraordinary influence the inquisition in Europe had on people’s experience of reality in that epoch, Trudell repeatedly voices the clarion call to acknowledge and exercise our intelligence with clarity and coherence:

Alright – we know there was an inquisition. And this inquisition went on for 4 or 500 years in Europe. The purpose of the inquisition was to alter the perceptional reality of the descendants of the tribes of Europe. To make them believe and see reality the way the church wanted them to believe and see reality.

The church called it – they waged a war for possession – for possession, this is important – they waged a war for the possession of the souls of the godless heathens. And to be a godless heathen you just didn’t believe in god. It wasn’t a part of your reality. Or another way [of] becoming a godless heathen was to question the authority of the church to do this.

See now, again, I’m not making this up. You know, this did transpire. These things did happen. And they killed as many people as they could – I guarantee it – in order to get the other ones to submit. So they killed as efficiently as they could with the technology they had at their disposal at that time, alright? And because they created a rationalization as to why to do it, so it just became as efficient as they could do.

And at some point, the descendants of the tribes of Europe no longer knew what it meant to be a human being. They just didn’t know – they didn’t want to know. So the descendants of the tribes of Europe, in the end, had to love what they feared which was there to possess them. See, and I think it messed up love in a lot of ways, you know that they haven’t unsorted yet. You know, no offense, but ….

But anyway, all of this took place through our intelligence. Our intelligence. Now whoever it is we pray to, right?, whoever it is we pray to, however we pray, whatever, however we do that, alright?, I think that we have an obligation and a responsibility and it’s about respect. If we respect our Creator, then we should use our intelligence as intelligently as we can as often as we can. And that means with clarity and coherence. That means to activate and respect our intelligence and activate the thinking process so that it’s going the way we want it to be because that’s why it was given to us.

Our intelligence – as the human being part of all of this reality that’s going on, we were given intelligence, this is what was there to help us through the evolutionary reality – to ride the balance, so to speak, of the evolution with our intelligence. It’s our medicine, it’s our protection, it’s our self-defense.

The awareness and understanding given voice by John Trudell proffers liberating perception to apprehend and adapt the evolutionary reality we are currently navigating.  The following two sources are producing coherent analysis of what is now occurring, exercising intelligence in a manner aligned with the conscious intention expressed above.

In a May 2020 interview on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, researcher and writer Alison McDowell describes how, through her child’s experiences in the Philadelphia school system, she initially became involved in scrutinizing the use of educational technology to harvest all the time data collection on students, how Ed-Tech is a global industry, “and what it meant for both surveillance of content delivered in the classroom, the commodification of children as data, and then again the use of the data collected to further privatize public education.” She writes at Wrench In The Gears about education technology, data-driven government, social impact bonds/investing/finance, pay for success finance, digital surveillance, internet of things, honoring Mother Earth and all our relations, internet of bodies, artificial intelligence, human capital markets, blockchain development/implementation/vouchers, digital identity, bio-capitalism, cybernetics, predatory philanthropy, and more. Her perspective is grounded in the framework, money is power, and her research follows what financially powerful persons and groups say in their white papers, in their grant projects, in their boards and in evaluating how their programs are playing out in the real world.  As she described in May:

I think there are many aspects to the situation that we’re not meant to know. We’re not meant to have all the facts because not having all the facts leads to more speculation and more friction. For me, I had done all of this research about the fourth industrial revolution leading up to this and I never would have figured that pandemic was going to be their trigger moment to make all of this roll out happen—wasn’t anything that was on my radar at all. But clearly once I started reading the World Bank stuff around pandemic bonds it was pretty obvious that there are whole markets set up in advance of pandemic to take advantage of the situation.

I think this crisis brings to the fore a lot of larger issues of control, safety, privilege, thoughts about life, what is the meaning of life?, how do we deal with death? There are many things that are packed into this that when we get in these online discussions the gray area falls away. I think we would all like to feel that we’re in control of having a good life and that’s something that as white people we feel like we’re used to having that—many other people in the world are not used to having that so I think in many respects that may be feeding into some of this dynamic.

The stakes are super high on getting this industrial revolution thing in place around the world. It’s very clear that governments around the world have been very invested in biological weapons and synthetic biological weapons and printing viruses, synthetic biology viruses on computers. To me to think that at some point governments wouldn’t decide to use those technologies against domestic populations to accomplish the end that they want—I feel like it’s a possibility. I feel like there are no guarantees of safety.

I think people would like to roll back and feel like if they did all of the right things then we would be safe and I think there are probably—the black community—there are many people who just know it’s not safe. There are no guarantees of safety in the United States. That said I’m not trying to be cavalier about all these things but really trying to look at the data and I think what we’re seeing rolling out with the fourth industrial revolution is data driven. Everything is data driven. Government is data driven. Society is data driven. It’s all driven on data. But data can be used to different ends depending on what data you use, how you collect the data or don’t collect the data, how data is compromised or not compromised. [emphasis added]

In November McDowell spoke in upstate New York to a group connected with the Steiner / Waldorf community on the subject of Biometric Health Passports And The Panopticon – Covid Is Pushing Us Into The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Near the beginning she talked about Norbert Weiner, the father of cybernetics who helped launch the beginning of AI and human machine interfaces.  Later in his life he had second thoughts about what he had done.  McDowell recounted that Weiner “described a day when the machine was the equivalent of slave labor and so any labor that competes with slave labor must accept the economic consequences of slave labor.”

While it may seem the synergistic confluence and complexity of Big Data and AI algorithms—in the finance and military-intelligence sectors, in the digitalization of healthcare and education systems—are beyond comprehension, we can pierce the veil and gain sufficient clarity to make informed choices for ourselves, loved ones and friends.  The following provides a summary analysis of aspects of collaboration between financial, tech, biopharmaceutical, and military-intelligence sectors that is realizing in operational implementation, some of the ideas Norbert Weiner conceived of more than seventy years ago.

A peer-reviewed article by Children’s Health Defense, has been accepted for publication in the journal International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research:

Planned Surveillance and Control by Global Technocrats:
A Big-Picture Look at the Current Pandemic Beneficiaries

The journal was launched in 2020 by John W. Oller, Jr., Ph.D. (editor-in-chief) and Christopher A. Shaw, Ph.D. (senior editor) “to make independent research, free from constraints of monetary, political, or any other undisclosed influence, about vaccine theory and practice freely accessible.”

Containing 208 references, this analysis (appearing in the journal by year’s end) assesses how the pandemic has facilitated a financial, tech, biopharmaceutical and military-intelligence push for centralized, technocratic control. The complete work is available at CHD.

Concluding Discussion:

As more individuals and organizations connect the technocratic dots and look beneath the coronavirus pandemic’s seductively simple surface, it should become increasingly apparent that the pandemic profiteers do not have people’s best interests at heart. In The State of Our Currencies and other pandemic-related writings, Catherine Austin Fitts (2020a, 2020b) strongly emphasizes the importance of accepting that what is transpiring in the financial, tech, biopharmaceutical, and military-intelligence sectors is interconnected. Part of this involves recognizing that the coronavirus vaccines currently dominating the headlines represent something likely to go far beyond the simple health intervention being held out by scientists and officials as a panacea. Instead, the evidence suggests that Covid-19 vaccines are intended to serve as a Trojan horse to transport invasive technologies into people’s brains and bodies. These technologies could include brain-machine interface nanotechnology, digital identity tracking devices, technology that can be turned on and off remotely, and cryptocurrency-compatible chips (Fitts, 2020b).

In Fitts’ (2020a, 2020b) view, this type of intimate access — achieved “without notice, disclosure, or compensation” — represents the “final inch” of interest to technocrats. Together with external technologies to control behavior (Max, 2020), such access could permit the achievement of several goals: (1) replacing currencies with a digital transaction system, digital identification, and tracking (an “embedded credit card system”); (2) creating a global control grid that connects the population to the military-intelligence clouds; and (3) obtaining continuous access to valuable individual data on a 24/7 basis (Fitts, 2020b). Countries in West Africa are already piloting a venture by the Gates Foundation, the Gates-funded GAVI vaccine alliance, and Mastercard that “marks a novel approach towards linking a biometric digital identity system, vaccination records, and a payment system into a single cohesive platform” (Diego, 2020a). As Fitts (2020b) summarizes, “Just as Gates installed an operating system in our computers, now the vision is to install an operating system in our bodies and use ‘viruses’ to mandate an initial installation followed by regular updates”. The “neat trick”, as Fitts sees it, is that the use of vaccines as the delivery vehicle cancels out legal liability.

It is noteworthy that Bill Gates announced that he was stepping down from the Microsoft board of directors on March 13 — the same day that President Trump declared the pandemic a national emergency (Haselton & Novet, 2020). That same month, the Pentagon reaffirmed its intention for the JEDI cloud-computing contract to go to Microsoft (Rash, 2020; Sun, 2020). By distancing himself from the appearance of conflicts of interest with Microsoft’s Defense Department commitments and the Pentagon’s subsequent role in Operation Warp Speed, Mr. Gates had more freedom to make the rounds and begin promoting worldwide vaccination and digital certificates (Haggith, 2020). Gates has been less successful in distracting attention from other potential conflicts of interest. An exposé by The Nation (ironically also published in March) showed that the Gates Foundation gives billions to corporations in which the foundation holds stocks and bonds — including all of the major pharmaceutical companies — creating a “welter of conflicts of interest” (Schwab, 2020). A dozen years ago, around the time of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, the Los Angeles Times outlined the Gates Foundation’s numerous holdings in a number of notoriously “destructive or unethical” companies (Piller et al., 2007).

Mr. Gates is not the only party strenuously promoting digital IDs and “no-escape” financial tracking (marketed under the benevolent guise of “financial inclusion”). In October, Kristalina Georgieva, the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF’s) Managing Director, evoked “a world in which digital is the way in which financial transactions take place” and made it clear that she views universal digital IDs as a non-negotiable requirement for moving in the “right direction” (International Monetary Fund, 2020). Georgieva has, not unhappily, described Covid-19 as a “once in a lifetime pandemic” (Bello, 2020).

Georgieva’s remarks should be examined in the context of a proposal by the U.S. House of Representatives to bestow the IMF with $3 trillion “no-strings-attached” U.S. dollars as “coronavirus relief aid” (Huessy, 2020; Roberts, 2020). A U.S. taxpayer-funded gift of this magnitude would be unprecedented and would increase the IMF’s lending resources (called Special Drawing Rights or SDRs) by as much as 10-fold (Roberts, 2020). 2020’s events (including global debt entrapment and actual or potential food shortages) and the IMF’s bullying track record (Bello, 2020) suggest that the IMF could then wield the $3 trillion as a weapon, strong-arming countries into accepting an array of unwanted measures such as digital identities, forced vaccination, and eventually (as the World Economic Forum predicts), the relinquishment of private property (World Economic Forum, 2016). As a step in this general direction, the IMF has strongly praised India’s leadership in biometric identification systems. It celebrates the “delivery of social benefits through direct electronic payments to eligible bank account holders”, but glosses over the systems’ vulnerability to “unauthorized access” and the data breaches that are already rampant (Jha, 2018).

While current prospects for ordinary citizens certainly appear challenging, nothing is a foregone conclusion. Large-scale protests against the curtailment of civil rights have occurred and continue to occur in many countries, most notably in Germany (Depuydt, 2020). The Great Barrington Declaration — a statement crafted by public health scientists from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford — has garnered signatures from over 12,000 scientists, over 35,000 medical practitioners, and nearly 639,000 citizens from around the world, all concerned about “the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies” (Kulldorff et al., 2020). Similarly, an Appeal authored in May by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, gathered 40,000 signatures within a few days, with the signatories (religious leaders, doctors, journalists, lawyers, and other professionals) all seeking to draw attention to the threats to sovereignty and freedom that pandemic-related mandates have unleashed (Tosatti, 2020). Archbishop Viganò has also penned severe critiques of the Great Reset, describing its architects as “a global elite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures [and a health dictatorship] with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations” (Viganò, 2020).

One of the signatories of Archbishop Viganò’s Appeal is attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., founder and chief legal counsel of Children’s Health Defense, an organization dedicated to ending childhood epidemics by working to eliminate harmful exposures, holding those responsible accountable, and establishing stronger safeguards. In late October, Kennedy recorded a 19-minute video message to people around the world, describing the “coup d’état by big data, by big telecom, by big tech, by the big oil and chemical companies and by the global public health cartel” (Kennedy Jr., 2020). In his closing remarks, Kennedy also indicated that citizens who wish to maintain their freedoms cannot afford to remain complacent: “You are on the front lines of the most important battle in history, and it is the battle to save democracy, and freedom, and human liberty, and human dignity from this totalitarian cartel that is trying to rob us simultaneously, in every nation in the world, of the rights that every human being is born with.”

In conclusion, McDowell rightly links historical genocide, dispossession, and colonization perpetrated by the Doctrine of Discovery with the current attempt to implement a predatory digitally engineered society by the financially wealthy elite intent on further concentration of their economic and techno-logic exercise of power.  As she described it in the May interview,

for me, understanding human capital finance and understanding that it is embedded in the way in which we were so brutal to indigenous people and black people is central to understanding that now this system is gotten to the point that it’s coming after everyone and we need to both reconcile with that history and really own it and also to look to those ongoing resistance strategies to enslavement as we move forward and try to come to some resolution and be allies in that process.

There are peoples in communities and nations on Mother Earth who continue observing the Sacred Instructions based on vital numinous awareness that all Life is sacred and that the needs of the future inform all choices and decisions made in the present.  In 1977, A Basic Call to Consciousness, The Hau de no sau nee Address to the Western World, was presented to UN NGOs in Geneva, Switzerland “constitut[ing] an abbreviated analysis of Western history, and which call for a consciousness of the Sacred Web of Life in the Universe.” In 2015 Steven Newcomb (Shawnee, Lenape) delivered the Keynote on Original Free Nations and Peoples at the Parliament of the World’s Religions on Toward a Paradigm Change for Mother Earth – Understanding the Empire Domination Model of Christianity: A Way of Liberation.  In 2006 Oren Lyons (Onondaga) spoke On The Indigenous View of the World and traditional knowledge founded on understanding our relationship with all Life here:

We always said that we have been told and understand that we’re relatives. Where our white brother will talk about water and trees and animals and fish as resources we talk about them as relatives. That’s a whole different perspective. If you think that they’re relatives and you understand that then you’re going to treat them differently.